Monday, April 25, 2011

Why the Fuss?

Kinda late, but what the heck? What is with all the fuss about this kid wanting to paint his toenails pink? I think it's bold of J.Crew to put this ad out. I mean so what if the boy wants to paint his toes pink? I think thats fantastic. Although I'm more of a purple person myself.


  1. You are right..Its bold and its great..but of course there´s always the people who just take it tooo seriously...anyways I think you would totally rock purple toe nails!

    The Black Label

  2. Milo that top is SOOO something you would wear. When i read the actual ad i thought of you. So um... yeah! I totally agree that you would rock purple nails i recommended a top coat of purple shatter nail varnish on top of a coat of white!!


  3. My toes have that grey colour Chanel put out and everyone has been loving them! I say paint them tootsies hahaha :D

  4. Joe always wore nail polish when he was that age and J.Crew didn't do an ad about him.