Sunday, June 5, 2011

MTK Festival / Celebirty Festival Fashion

I'm so excited for summer, and one of the events thats happening is the MTK (Music to Know) festival. I'm extremely happy to be blogging for them, so here goes. For my first MTK post I'm thinking about what celebrities wear to big music festivals. The most inspiring to me are Kate Moss, Emma Watson and Alexa Chung. I love how these stars can be totally glamorous in haute couture one minute, and then be at these festivals looking equally chic but in a totally different casual way. I hope this will inspire anyone whose going to MTK. I'm also excited to hear what fashion brands will be there and I know that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (two of my favorite style icons) are doing a fashion show in one of the V.I.P areas. There's also rumor of Rag and Bone and Helmut Lang, but stay tuned........


  1. I love those three as well...they can never do wrong for me! I´ll be sure to stay tuned

    The Black Label

  2. its in august! its going to be soo hot! what we need to see is practical and fashionable. these outfits are great! but not practical for the august heat!