Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back to School

Valentino inspired me to buy this coat because he wore one just like it in the movie, "The Last Emperor".
Zara coat, Marc Jacobs scarf and Gap jeans.

Burberry trench shot.
Zara trench, 7 jeans and Marc Jacobs gloves.

Zara jacket, Zara sweater, Zara tie, Gap shirt and Gap jeans.

Zara jacket, Levi jeans, and Marc Jacob's hat.

I don't always enjoy going back to school, but I do like the shopping. As you can see my favorite places to shop are Zara and Marc Jacobs (inexpensive store of course). That's all very nice, but heres the fantasy:

I'm walking to school and there's a perfect breeze blowing my Louis Vuitton scarf back. The air is cool so I turn up the collar of my Burberry trench. My Chanel jeans swish as I walk and as I look down my eyes are pleased by the shine of my Lanvin sneakers. The strap of my Mullberry "Alexa" bag is reassuring. I check my hair in the reflection of the hardware on my green Birkin (school bag) then get mowed down by a school bus. Just kidding but don't I wish (not the getting run over part of course).


  1. Milo, I loved your recent posts. Your back to school combos are rockin'. I especially love the last one; Levi jeans come in plaid? How cool is that? Where do I pick up a pair for me?

  2. Milo,
    Every time I look at these pieces I can imagine you in everyone of them. The whole grouping is so,