Thursday, September 2, 2010

San Francisco

San Francisco.

My hotel room at the Hotel Des Arts.

Torso Vintages.

Christian Lacroix dress.

There was the camping trip, but then there was also my two day trip to San Francisco. At the Hotel Des Arts they must have known I was coming. My wall's were plastered with dress patterns and portraits that resembled Japanese anime. I loved going into all the stores but there was one that really stood out. The store is called Torso vintages and is a resource for bloggers and designers around the country. Some of the clothes are very rare such as a Dior gown from the 1940's. There are also clothes worn in the movie Sex and the City 2. It was really fun visiting San Francisco. I think I would love to spend more time there in the future.


  1. Hey,
    I love your style, the pictures ,and of course your blog! <3

  2. I really like the decoration of the hotel room, is so original and unique!